Canada's only online diploma in business skills for legal professionals!

Legal Services Management is Canada’s only online graduate diploma focusing on business skills for lawyers. You can benefit from individual courses, some for JD credit at Queen’s Law, or work toward the full Graduate Diploma.

Prepared and delivered by the Queen’s University Faculty of Law, the Graduate Diploma is comprised of four 3.0-credit (single term) courses (12 credits total).

Students will be required to obtain a minimum grade of B- in each course in order to attain the Diploma.

You can choose from:

*Can also be used for JD course credit at Queen’s Law.
†Required course for the Diploma.

For current Queen’s Law students, LSM 810 and LSM 830 can be applied to their JD degree program as course credit, for no additional fee beyond their standard JD tuition.

The other two courses must be taken as additional courses at the Faculty of Law rate, which is $3600 for each course.

For all other students, including Queen’s Law graduates, all four courses must be taken at the Faculty of Law rate, which is $3600 for each course.

All students can complete Legal Services Management courses in any order, but we strongly recommend that students begin with Financial Literacy for Lawyers (LSM 810) since it provides an introduction to financial concepts used in the other courses.

See our chart below for how to complete the Diploma. You can also download this schedule as a PDF. (>1 MB)


Courses available all year round

Legal Services Management courses will be available online, year round. Not all courses are available in all semesters: see our schedule below. 

Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management Courses


Course Name

Course Number

Summer 2019

Fall 2019

Winter 2020




Financial Literacy for Lawyers

LSM 810




X X   X X

Fundamentals of Legal Services Business

LSM 820




X X   X X
Shaping the Future of Legal Practice LSM 830




X   X X  
Working With Teams & Managing People LSM 840




X   X    
Project Management for Lawyers LSM 850





Admission Requirements

Graduate Diploma applicants must:

  • have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, or
  • be enrolled in a JD program (we will consider JDs without an undergraduate degree), or
  • have graduated from a JD (or equivalent) program.

All applicants must have B to B+ average grades to meet Queen’s standards (

We welcome applicants from underrepresented groups such as Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, those with disabilities, or LGBTQQ.


You’ll need the following to support your application:

Applicant Type Requirement Description
All applicants Statement of Interest Explain your interest in the program! Include prior experience and how the program fits your career plans. (500 words maximum)
All non-Queen's applicants* Transcripts Copies of all post-secondary transcripts are required (unofficial are accepted). Note: Original official transcript(s) will be required from all applicants who accept an offer of admission.
*Queen's University students and alumni do not need to submit transcripts from their studies at Queen's.
Anyone who is not in or has not graduated from a JD program Two references Names and contact information for two letter-of-reference writers who will support your application. The referee must submit letters directly to (The applicant must tell the reference providers to send the letters).

Course registration without admission to the Graduate Diploma

Queen’s students enrolled in our JD program can take, and receive JD credits for, LSM 810 and 830. Please visit the Courses page for information on how to register for a single course. 


Students will be expected to complete the Graduate Diploma within 16 months of enrolment (one course per semester). Exceptions will be made for Queen’s students taking core courses as part of their JD, and completing the Graduate Diploma post-articling.

Final Grades

Your final grades will appear on SOLUS. Official transcripts showing final grades will be available on the Official Grade Release Date. Please note, a mark of IN (incomplete) is considered a grade, and will be released on your official transcript with this grade.


If you require an official transcript for courses completed in the Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management, or need information including ordering, how to receive and costs, please visit the University Registrar – Transcripts.

Academic Integrity

All Queen’s Law programs are governed by the academic integrity policy adopted and adhered to by the Queen’s University Faculty of Law.