Canada's only online diploma in business skills for legal professionals!

Legal Services Management is Canada’s only online graduate diploma focusing on business skills for lawyers. You can benefit from individual courses, some for JD credit at Queen’s Law, or work toward the full Graduate Diploma.

Prepared and delivered by the Queen’s University Faculty of Law, the Graduate Diploma is comprised of four 3.0-credit (single term) courses (12 credits total).

Admission Requirements

We welcome applicants from underrepresented groups such as Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, those with disabilities, or LGBTQQ.

Applicants to the Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management will require one of the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, or
  • Enrolled in a JD program (we will consider JDs without an undergraduate degree), or
  • Graduate from a JD (or equivalent) program.
  • All applicants must have B to B+ average grades to meet Queen’s standards (
  • Student apply for the Graduate Diploma through Queen’s Student Graduate Studies portal:
  • Students will require supporting documentation to accompany their application.


Applicant Type Requirement Description
All applicants Statement of Interest Explain your interest in the program! Include prior experience and how the program fits your career plans. (500 words maximum)
All non-Queen's applicants* Transcripts Copies of all post-secondary transcripts are required (unofficial are accepted). Note: Original official transcript(s) will be required from all applicants who accept an offer of admission.
*Queen's University students and alumni do not need to submit transcripts from their studies at Queen's.
Anyone who is not in or has not graduated from a JD program Two references Names and contact information for two letter-of-reference writers who will support your application. The referee must submit letters directly to (The applicant must tell the reference providers to send the letters).
International Students English Language Proficiency Test

Those applicants whose native languages do not include English will need to earn satisfactory standing in an English Language Proficiency Test as part of the application process, and before final acceptance is granted.  Please contact the School of Graduate Studies' website for further information.

Any applicant whose first language is not English, but who, within the 12 month period prior to the month of application, has studied for at least one complete year at a post-secondary institution where English is the official language of instruction, may submit with their application a request to be exempted from the English language proficiency test requirement. The Director of Admissions, School of Graduate Studies, will review the request. The applicant will be informed of the results of the review.

Course Registration without admission to the Graduate Diploma:

**Students can take up to three courses before choosing to apply to the Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management to finish up the fourth course. You must obtain a minimum grade of B- in each course in order to be eligible for the Diploma**.

We welcome applicants from underrepresented groups such as Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, those with disabilities, or LGBTQQ.

Program Requirements 

  • The Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management (GDLSM) program consists of 12.0 units, or 4 courses (3.0 units each).  Two of these courses are required and two courses are electives.
  • Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of B- in each course in order to attain the Diploma.
Courses Course Code Status Number of Units
Financial Literacy for Lawyers LSM 810 Required 3.0
Fundamentals of Legal Services Business LSM 820 Required 3.0
Shaping the Future of Legal Practice LSM 830 Elective 3.0
Working with Teams and Managing People LSM 840 Elective 3.0
Project Management for Lawyers LSM 850 Elective 3.0

Tuition & Fees

The Faculty of Law tuition rate for domestic students is $3600.00 per course. Please visit the Office of the University Registrar’s Tuition and Fees page for further information and regarding policies.

Tuition is due September 1 for fall term, January 10 for winter term and May 1 for summer term.

For current Queen’s Law students, LSM 810 and LSM 830 may be taken at no additional cost.  The courses will not count toward the required credits for completion of the JD degree, nor will the grades earned in GDLSM count towards the GPA for the JD degree.

For all other students, including Queen’s Law graduates, all four courses must be taken at the Faculty of Law rate, which is $3600 for each course.

All students can complete Legal Services Management courses in any order, but we strongly recommend that students begin with Financial Literacy for Lawyers (LSM 810) since it provides an introduction to financial concepts used in the other courses.

Final Grades

Your final grades will appear on SOLUS. Official transcripts showing final grades will be available on the Official Grade Release Date. Please note, a mark of IN (incomplete) is considered a grade, and will be released on your official transcript with this grade.


If you require an official transcript for courses completed in the Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management, or need information including ordering, how to receive and costs, please visit the University Registrar – Transcripts.

Academic Integrity

All Queen’s Law programs are governed by the academic integrity policy adopted and adhered to by the Queen’s University Faculty of Law.