What does it cost to apply to the Graduate Diploma?

The application costs $105, charged by the Queen’s School of Graduate Studies.

How much do Diploma courses cost?

Queen’s Law students can take LSM 810 and 830 as part of their JD degree at no additional cost.

To complete the Diploma, they must take LSM 820, and either LSM 840 or 850, at the Queen’s Law course rate of $4000.

Non-Queen’s students must take all four courses at the Faculty of Law rate, which is $4000 for each course.

Can I take individual courses, or do I have to take the full Diploma?

You can take individual courses without having to complete the Diploma.

Do I have to enroll in the Diploma before taking Diploma courses?

Queen’s Law students can take LSM 810 and LSM 830, in the context of their JD degree and for course credit, without having to enroll in the Diploma.

Other students must enroll in the Diploma program before taking any courses.

Is this Diploma part of, or a substitute for, a law degree?

No. While the Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management provides insight and training in essential business skills for legal practitioners or people in related fields, the courses will not make you eligible to pass the bar or to practice law.

Will Diploma courses count towards the Dean’s Honour List in my JD or other program?

For Queen’s Law students, LSM 810 and 830 can be taken as regular JD courses, and apply to Honour List qualifications like any other JD-level course.

All our courses are graduate-level courses and intended for post-undergraduate students. They are not part of the JD program and are not taken into account in calculating the Dean’s Honour List at Queen’s.

Where can you go academically with the Diploma?

Currently, one course from the graduate diploma can be counted towards the course requirements for a course-based LLM offered by the Queen's Law.

We plan to create an LLM in Law Practice Management in the future; we anticipate that the Diploma will ladder into this program, and that Diploma graduates will only need to complete two additional courses (one project-based) to obtain their LLM. 

What are your requirements for enrollment to the Graduate Diploma?

Requirements are listed on our Program page under “Requirements.”

When should I apply to be admitted to the Graduate Diploma?

You may enroll in the Graduate Diploma at any time.

When will specific Legal Services Management courses be offered?

The course schedule is available on our Program page.

Are online courses easier than in-class courses?

Online education is substantially different – but no easier – than in-class instruction. While we use a different model for teaching that lets students move at their own pace and “flex” their study and coursework time to match their needs, this is still a demanding course taught by law instructors appointed by Queen’s Law.

As with any other course, your grade will depend on the effort you put into the course and fulfilling course obligations like participation, quizzes, assignments and group work by the deadlines stipulated.

How difficult are the courses? How much time should I plan to spend on these courses each week?

The courses are designed for students who are in or who have completed JD or LLB studies. They will require around 10 hours a week of work.

Are there any computer requirements for online courses?

Yes, you’ll need a high speed internet connection, microphone and speakers to be able to watch videos, hear sounds, and participate in interactive online activities or discussions. A webcam is necessary for final online exams.

System requirements:

  • Laptop or Desktop computer purchased within the last 5 years (mobile devices are not supported)
  • Windows Vista SP2/Mac OSX 10.9 or higher
  • Up to date versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. Please note that Google Chrome is not recommended for use in our courses.
  • Most recent version of Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash
  • Webcam

How can I order textbooks?

Textbooks can be ordered from the Campus Bookstore and shipped anywhere. You can buy textbooks from other sources if you wish, as long as they are the exact same edition as outlined in the course description. The correct textbooks for your course will be automatically populated when using the online ordering system at www.campusbookstore.com. Instructions on how to acquire course packs, if applicable, will be included in the information for those specific courses once registered.

How do I log in to OnQ?

Go to onq.queensu.ca. Use your NET ID and password to “log in”. If you encounter issues or require support, please contact ITS.

How do I add, drop and swap courses on SOLUS?

See below for tutorials on how to add, drop or swap courses.